We are a new company focused on developing and marketing a novel compound purification system, the Aroostook Loop.  Our development of the device began in 2009, in consultation with faculty at the University of Rhode Island. During this period, we performed preliminary design and testing with the intention to use the device to purify and recover biopharmaceuticals and other compounds of interest.  In 2013, we filed a patent for The Aroostook Loop and began exploring other capabilities for it. As a result, we have expanded the application scope for the device to include water desalinization and gray water recovery. We are now established in New London Connecticut to continue our research and develop the device, with a production prototype expected in second quarter of 2015.

Though we are just beginning to build our business, we have adopted a philosophy that our business must have a firm foundation based on an effective well-designed product, with careful attention paid to its robustness, safety, and easy use.  We believe this way because, quite simply, it is the right thing to do.

Markets for our Product

The biopharmaceutical industry is worth $145 billion and should exceed $167 billion by 2015. With over 300 FDA approved products, a well-endowed pipeline of 900 drugs in clinical trials, and rapidly developing emerging markets are expected to fuel growth. Still, the typical bioprocess has a downstream production line is focused on chromatography which has reached its limits in productivity, requiring a revolutionary technological change to match process improvements occurring in upstream operations. In fact, 57.5% of manufacturers cited the need for better downstream purification technologies, and half (49.7%) cited a need for more cost-effective single-use equipment such as Aroostook Pure’s Bioprocess version.

Water purification
We see our technology as a very important part of the solution to the water supply problems across a broad spectrum of water users. Because the system is not as maintenance or energy intensive as reverse osmosis, and a typical system takes up considerably less space, The Aroostook Loop system is economical enough to serve in a variety of roles, such as small scale desalinization, household gray water recovery, and even waste water recovery from industrial processes. We have divided them into 3 main areas, maritime, industrial and residential.